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After my drone in the air…return to the earth: under the sky of East Berlin.

In my last posts I paid attention to my drone…I want to “come down” the earth..and to Street-photography: around the city of East-Berlin. I tried to look for the ancient atmospheres, old colors of the city before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I used my Fujifilm X100…a very good camera for Street Photography. Lightroom for editing.

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One of my pictures was published on Fujifilm Magazine





Pay attention to sentences.



On the left: on the column you can read: “Ale, I love you”. On the right: on the wall you can read: “puppy I love you” 🙂 🙂

I think that’s very important to pay attention to sentences on a wall and to play with them! In the photo of the pigeons I was lucky to find them near the phrase… but, in the second photo, I read “puppy I love you” and I saw a man with his dog: so I asked him to bring the dog near the script!