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Analysis of a good street point of view

On monday morning ( during my usual Street-Photographic tour ) I found an interesting place: an underpass:



For me it was interesting because there were 2 reflection points and 2 prospetive lines:


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..and a very sad news..but for a dog..

On the newspaper board:”Dog killed with kicks by a thief”. I was lucky to take this shot..it was a very fast moment..I saw the dog and I shooted in a millisecond .. and indeed the pict is not very clear..but it’s streetphoto: a little fault can exists 🙂 Are you agree??

Some tips for Streetphotography

I love street photography and my personal tips are:

  • Use wide-angle lens: like 28mm or 35mm
  • Get close to your subject: so who sees the image feels as if he is a part of the scene.
  • Always carry your camera with you: you cannot miss any moment!
  • Focus on details: try to simplify a photos and search for little particulars and peculiars.
  • Move your feet: try to have more shots of the same scene and from differents point of view.
  • Take your time! Some time we have to wait for a long time to take a good photo 🙂

How I did It: fantasy :-)

Fashion Dummy

Fashion Dummy in Lucca

This shot is part of a larger work: “Fashion Dummies” and the idea came to me casually: looking at the dummies I thought: “the dummies are looking at us and at the city …like we are looking at them”. So I started to photograph them trying to isolate them from the rest of the showroom and putting them in the glass reflection of a particular part of the city: a wall, a window or the road. To make the most interesting photos I used a special camera filter (tone “Drama” of the Olympus OM-D E-M5) and being processed with Lightroom I used the preset “Polaroid”. This combination made very special shades and colors.