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Vintage Steam Train

Some analogic shots ( do you knot what is an analogic film? ) of an old steam train at the station. Camera: Nikon FM3A, with Ilford HP5. I developed the film and printed it at home…it’s not difficult ūüôā¬† The “taste” of an analogic film is very special!


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Follow the ( interesting ) people


I went to view an historical train, a very old steam train, when I saw the railwayman and I decided to follow him.. and I was right! Because I photographed him with the big reels of the train. He was checking that all things were ok before to depart from the station.

This picture reminds me the film “Modern Times” by¬†Charlie Chaplin.. do you remember the tramp working on the giant machine in the movie’s most famous scenes?

So..if you see an interesting person…follow him!