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Different approaches to a wall

How many ways can we photograph a blank wall? It’s not a very-very blank wall…there is something that we can use to “custom” it: in this case there are two road signs.

Here is the “track”..and, as we are speacking about Street Photographs, we need a human subject.


A “classical” approach: follow a direction:


A countercurrent...a salmon ūüôā


A moving countercurrent… if you want an “artistc” picture!


More motion? Very simple:¬† wait for a fast¬†cyclist ( always as “artistic” picture! )


…uhhhmmmm… there something missig: a car or 2 persons ( there are 2 signals on the wall ) or, better, a person with a blue/white dress (!)… The main key is “Fantasy”! With fantasy we can “paint” (photograph) a simple blank wall in 1000 ways. For this example I used a Sony Rx100M3.


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Mister Silhouette & Miss Shadow

I think that a good exercise in Street-Photography is to take pictures of silhouettes & shadows. First of all: shadows are better at sundown or sunrise because they are longer that in other times of the day. The second tip is to go in the same place just¬†at those¬†times of day¬†because the shadows are very different and the scenes can be better. In any case patience¬†must be our¬†preferred “weapon”: we can find a good mix between shadows and lights but we have to wait for the right subject! At the end: don’t forget to expose for the lights…better using spot-meter and locking the measure…so when your subject is coming¬†we are ready for the snap.

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When a camera is old?

I have an¬†Olympus OMD E-M5¬†(2012)…and the question is: is it an old digital camera? Some days ago I think so, but nevertheless I took it during a rainy day…and below you can find my answer.


Five ( 5! ) ¬†years¬†is a lot of time¬†for¬†a camera’s digital life…my camera can “live” for some time yet…I think that we cannot follow ¬†new cameras’ improvements. OK perhaps new cameras are better … but, before buying a new one,¬†take a good look¬†inside¬† your one.. and think before you¬†buy: “do I really need a new camera?” Sometimes an “old” camera can still take good pictures…and we can save money. The¬†worst comment¬†I ever heard:”Now finally I can take good pictures with my new and up-to-date camera¬†for which¬†I paid a lot of money”. Noooo!!!! You can take good pictures with a little disposable camera¬†too!