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Mister Silhouette & Miss Shadow

I think that a good exercise in Street-Photography is to take pictures of silhouettes & shadows. First of all: shadows are better at sundown or sunrise because they are longer that in other times of the day. The second tip is to go in the same place just at those times of day because the shadows are very different and the scenes can be better. In any case patience must be our preferred “weapon”: we can find a good mix between shadows and lights but we have to wait for the right subject! At the end: don’t forget to expose for the lights…better using spot-meter and locking the measure…so when your subject is coming we are ready for the snap.

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Instax Wide 300

Now I have an Instax Wide 300 … so my Polaroid will be “landscape” now and not only square.


Entrance of the city of Lucca at sunset


Polaroid and Digital….or Digital and Polaroid?  The same image, but one is taken with a Polaroid 600, the other with a Galaxy S5 using the app Retrica with filter 680. There is a very big differences!! 🙂 🙂 Don’t you know? 🙂

p2 p1

This is the entrance of the Amphitheater square in the city of Lucca..a “vintage city” for a vintage photo 🙂

Question! Which is the best photo?? Do I need to ask? 🙂

How I did it: imagine and pre-visualized.

I saw, at sunset, this closed beach house ( it’s winter ) … I imagined and I pre-visualized  a “final” photograph…that I realized using Lightroom. But It’s not important the toll ( i.e. Lightroom or Photoshop ), but the final result that you want to reach. Of course it’s important the beauty or the interest of the moment that you want to capture!

How I did it: stay with people


To take this picture I was on the little boat with the youg sailor. I had to do a reportage about the life of two sailors living in Salina island ( Sicily – Italy ). So I lived with them all the day….and during the sunset I was lucky to find a very fantastic light.

How I did it: the right moment.

Olive trees at sunset

A classic scene that we can find in the area called “The Road of wine and oil” on the hills of the city of Lucca ( Tuscany – Italy ). What makes this photo interesting is definitely the beautiful light of the sunset along with the autumn season ( the first for the light and the second for colors). To take good pictures there are only two ways: either you go to take pictures at sunrise or at sunset…. that is to say: at the right moment.  …ehm.. I like to sleep! 🙂

A good task is to find exceptions… taking photos during the other hours of a day 🙂 🙂