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Likeness,similarity & analogy

I like photographs where there are likeness, not only in a direct way but also in different conjugations. You know that I’m stingy with words…so a picture is worth a thousand words….so please see the following examples 🙂  In this pictures the likeness & similarities are clear: I insert some highlights to indicate what captured my attention.

White stripes

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Change your point of view

A music band was playing in my city..and many photographers were shooting at the musicians: faces, instruments.. I changed my point of view and went “under” to see something different..and I found it: the legs of a woman among the legs of the men 🙂

Legs of a woman

Some tips for Streetphotography

I love street photography and my personal tips are:

  • Use wide-angle lens: like 28mm or 35mm
  • Get close to your subject: so who sees the image feels as if he is a part of the scene.
  • Always carry your camera with you: you cannot miss any moment!
  • Focus on details: try to simplify a photos and search for little particulars and peculiars.
  • Move your feet: try to have more shots of the same scene and from differents point of view.
  • Take your time! Some time we have to wait for a long time to take a good photo 🙂

How I did It: fantasy :-)

Fashion Dummy

Fashion Dummy in Lucca

This shot is part of a larger work: “Fashion Dummies” and the idea came to me casually: looking at the dummies I thought: “the dummies are looking at us and at the city …like we are looking at them”. So I started to photograph them trying to isolate them from the rest of the showroom and putting them in the glass reflection of a particular part of the city: a wall, a window or the road. To make the most interesting photos I used a special camera filter (tone “Drama” of the Olympus OM-D E-M5) and being processed with Lightroom I used the preset “Polaroid”. This combination made very special shades and colors.

How I did it: only with my smartphone Galaxy S2

Do you think that for a “big” photo you need a “big” camera? No! You need “a” camera! Never mind if it’s a reflex, a compact or a smartphone… use it at your best 🙂

So I realized an exhibition and a book only with Galaxy S2 and Instagram..nothing else. No post-production or Photoshop. Above some photos from the book:


or as e-book:


How I did it: patience (again)


The only word to say about this picture is: patience. I was passing in front of the carousel, and my first thought was: “this photograph would be interesting if someone walked in front of the carousel.”

The time was passing … there was no one who could help me take a picture and I was thinking to leave ( after 1 hour! ) when one of the carnies came out and he went just in the right place to take the picture!

Sometimes for a nice picture we need a lot of patience! 

(  my suggestion is: carry with you a book … time passes more quickly if you read!   )

How I did it: I have always my camera with me


I took this photograph at the entrance to an exhibition. At the entrance I see the reflection of the girl on the glass, whose face stands out thanks to the light reflected from the book she is reading..so I throw myself on the ground and I shoot: I have always my camera with me! The girl was very pretty so I’ll explain the pictures that I did her .. and the next day I gave her a copy of the photo … ok, I admit it: I tried to hook up the girl, but without success 😦

But I had my little “success”: the photo participated in the international photographic contest “The First Bends International Internet-based Photography Competition”. I didn’t win, but the photo reentered in the first 500 (on over 32000 photos sent to the contest) and the photo was exposed in the contest’s exhibition in Changsha in China.

Always carry a camera with you..if it’s too big ( like a reflex ) then buy a compact.