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Mister Silhouette & Miss Shadow

I think that a good exercise in Street-Photography is to take pictures of silhouettes & shadows. First of all: shadows are better at sundown or sunrise because they are longer that in other times of the day. The second tip is to go in the same place just at those times of day because the shadows are very different and the scenes can be better. In any case patience must be our preferred “weapon”: we can find a good mix between shadows and lights but we have to wait for the right subject! At the end: don’t forget to expose for the lights…better using spot-meter and locking the measure…so when your subject is coming we are ready for the snap.

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A good street-photographer?

A good street-photographer is able to hide himself in the shadows..like a panther that waits for a “victim” 🙂

In my humble opinion this photographer has a big reflex with a big zoom: everybody can see him from a long distance…to catch a good street-photo we need a little camera/lens, so that we cannot be notice or recognized as a photograph.



Polaroid and Digital….or Digital and Polaroid?  The same image, but one is taken with a Polaroid 600, the other with a Galaxy S5 using the app Retrica with filter 680. There is a very big differences!! 🙂 🙂 Don’t you know? 🙂

p2 p1

This is the entrance of the Amphitheater square in the city of Lucca..a “vintage city” for a vintage photo 🙂

Question! Which is the best photo?? Do I need to ask? 🙂