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Unhappy Luna Park

I don’t like to take photos in a “standard way”: it’s very easy to go photograph the sea during the summer, while it’s more difficult do it in winter ( and not in Black&White … uuufffff such a banality!! I like B&W but the sea during winter in black&White is a very commonplace.  Following this “philosophy” some years ago I decided to take photos in a desert Luna Park during a rainy day


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Great camera means Great photo?

You don’t need a great camera to take a great photo as you don’t need a big paintbrush to color a big painting. I have a question: “how was the giant Goliath killed?”, with a big cannon? No, with a little rock. Last sunday I took the following pictures with a little compact camera, a Sony RX100M3, not with a Nikon D5 or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

I had a big help: the morning lights! 🙂 But I had to wake very early in the morning..and the “good light” last few minutes… In the evening I edited the RAW files them with Lightroom.

“Take the rose when it’s time, that the time, you know, flying and the same flower that blooms today, tomorrow will wither” ( Carpe Diem, italian poet Orazio)


Reflection in the lake


Landscape in the morning

How I did it: imagine and pre-visualized.

I saw, at sunset, this closed beach house ( it’s winter ) … I imagined and I pre-visualized  a “final” photograph…that I realized using Lightroom. But It’s not important the toll ( i.e. Lightroom or Photoshop ), but the final result that you want to reach. Of course it’s important the beauty or the interest of the moment that you want to capture!

How I did it: only with my smartphone Galaxy S2

Do you think that for a “big” photo you need a “big” camera? No! You need “a” camera! Never mind if it’s a reflex, a compact or a smartphone… use it at your best 🙂

So I realized an exhibition and a book only with Galaxy S2 and Instagram..nothing else. No post-production or Photoshop. Above some photos from the book:


or as e-book:


How I did it: I have always my camera with me


I took this photograph at the entrance to an exhibition. At the entrance I see the reflection of the girl on the glass, whose face stands out thanks to the light reflected from the book she is reading..so I throw myself on the ground and I shoot: I have always my camera with me! The girl was very pretty so I’ll explain the pictures that I did her .. and the next day I gave her a copy of the photo … ok, I admit it: I tried to hook up the girl, but without success 😦

But I had my little “success”: the photo participated in the international photographic contest “The First Bends International Internet-based Photography Competition”. I didn’t win, but the photo reentered in the first 500 (on over 32000 photos sent to the contest) and the photo was exposed in the contest’s exhibition in Changsha in China.

Always carry a camera with you..if it’s too big ( like a reflex ) then buy a compact.