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Unhappy Luna Park

I don’t like to take photos in a “standard way”: it’s very easy to go photograph the sea during the summer, while it’s more difficult do it in winter ( and not in Black&White … uuufffff such a banality!! I like B&W but the sea during winter in black&White is a very commonplace.  Following this “philosophy” some years ago I decided to take photos in a desert Luna Park during a rainy day


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How I did it: only patience!

Under the stars

When I go to shoot I always have an idea on which to work .. a story to tell, otherwise the photos do not come to me. Here I liked the reflection of the asphalt on the water that, thanks to the stones, it looks like a starry sky. So, as my usual, take the photo and wait..wait..wait as long as a person does not stop in the right place!. An hour or more of waiting and patience mixed with a little fantasy.

How I did it … lucky shot!

Reflection of a church

I saw a big puddle in the courtyard of the church ( St. Michael in Lucca )…so I was choosing the right way to do the photos when a pigeon came just in the right place. Lucky! This picture has been chosen by National Geographic and it on sale in it’s stock site.