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A little point

Can a very little point change the meaning of a picture? But, in the world of photoshop, did I add the little black point or did I remove it? 🙂 🙂

Answers: yes it can! Of course I added the little point. It was a “poor” photo but I noticed that the child was looking at the ground…so I thought to add a little black point to give a reason of curiosity 🙂 Now I have a more interesting picture…but did I do well? Did I do the right thing or I should have left it without retouching?

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Before and after the barber: choose the right moment

Some time ago I was in the city of Genova ( Italy ) for some street photos. During my walks I noticed a man near a poster at a bus stop:

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Traveling light!?

1996 : Holidays! A good chance for taking a lot of pictures with my camera, some camera rolls and a little battery:

 Canon FT                                                                   Camera Roll

So I have a lot of space in my bag for a sandwich too! There were a great kinds of films: Color, Black&White, Slides…but they were ‘standard camera rolls’: I could put them in every film-based camera. Returned home I brought my films to a laboratory for developing them…and after 2/3 days I had my holidays’ printed pictures!

2016 : Holidays! A good chance for taking a lot of pictures with my camera , my memory cards, my batteries, my Laptop ( or a lot of memory cards  ), my card reader, my usb cables and a battery charger..ehy! in my bag there is no space for my sandwich!!

Today I need ( almost ) 2 batteries for my camera if I want a take pictures for all the day, 2 memory cards (almost, specially if I use Raw ). Returned to the hotel I have to remember to charge the batteries and, if I have no more space in the memory cards, I have to upload the pictures to my Laptop. Today is (quite) impossible traveling light…I think that the technology is getting worse our ( photographic ) life! But the worst thing is that we don’t print our pictures!!! We post them on Internet…in a space where there are millions of picures…and so they will lost in that infinite ocean of pictures… On my humble opinion we’d start to print them again..in a big format and to hang them in our house.


The two bikes


The two bikes

After technicality some pictures with X100T: Street Humour

My favourite kind of photography is “Street-Photography” and in this type we can find a great variety of photos: serious, documentary, humour,  architectural, portraits … in the streets we can find a Universe! I like funny situations…so here you can find what I saw in the streets of my city: Lucca. I didn’t build ( create ) “fake” situations: in my snapshots there are only real scenes. In a next post I’ll describe my Street-photo tecnique.

On sunday I meet with my friends, we chat and we take photos. Below you can see my friends in action! In a little space there are a lot of interesting things 🙂


Who did say that men are not Saints?


I waited a lot of time in front of the fountain….until here comes a guy ( I pre-visualised this scene in my mind, so I decided to wait )


The translation of “Cicciotto”  is “Chubby man”  ( I have always a compact camera with me! I cannot lost a picture.  )


Undecided girl: “All these toilets are the same..which toilet should I choose?” ( or all of them are occupied! )


Ehm…ehm… no comment! Three tipe of …


Father, mother and running childs.

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Double selfie


Penis’ characteristics … and photography

Generally speaking Men ( i.e. “male photographers”  )  are spending a lot of time to measure “it”: ‘Mine is 12 inch in length’, ‘Mine is bigger than your’, ‘Mine is newer than your’ …while Women ( i.e. “female photographers” ) take “it” without many thoughts … look inside and …. take the picture of the day 🙂  What!? What have you understood? I’m no speaking about sex! The “it” for Men is a lens/camera 🙂 A lens is like a “penis”: men want to have the “best one” or the “latest camera” or the “longest lens” in order to take a good picture, while women are more “practical”: they take a whatsoever camera, look around and, I’m sure, take a very good photowhile men are loosing themself into the infinte functions of the camera I don’t want to say that men are “stupid”, but only that men look at technology more than women do ( in general ). Am I right? 🙂 🙂 🙂


A good street-photographer?

A good street-photographer is able to hide himself in the shadows..like a panther that waits for a “victim” 🙂

In my humble opinion this photographer has a big reflex with a big zoom: everybody can see him from a long distance…to catch a good street-photo we need a little camera/lens, so that we cannot be notice or recognized as a photograph.