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Exhibition Horror Picture Show

Last sunday I saw an amateur photographic exhibition organized by a very important photographic group of my city. There was not a theme, so you cas see there every kind of pictures. Two pictures catch my interest….two very different landascapes by two different photographs. One at sunset ( color print ) and one at the afternoon ( black & white ). One with cloudsand one withoutbut they have the same birds on the sky!!!What???? Yes, the same birds, but in the first the birds fly from the right to the left…and in the other from the left to the right..but thy are the same!! After a little investigation I discovered that the tow photographers are friends… I stop here…no words…I post here only a little crop of the pictures.



A little tip..

One of the way to learn how to take a good shot is the following: look for a very bad, ugly, nasty, unsightly, foul, unpleasant place ( in your home too , or in another place ) and try to make it beautiful 🙂 In every place there is a hidden nice, lovely, little side…it’s a very good exercise of composition to find it.

I found in my garden some flowers…Ok, they are not very unpleasant..but I think that they are quite meaningless. So I tried to “transform” the picture in a “pictorial” photo, in a “sort of” painting.


More contrast, more light and a lot of color saturation ( and a little crop )…Now they are very beautiful flowers 🙂


How I did it: only patience!

Under the stars

When I go to shoot I always have an idea on which to work .. a story to tell, otherwise the photos do not come to me. Here I liked the reflection of the asphalt on the water that, thanks to the stones, it looks like a starry sky. So, as my usual, take the photo and wait..wait..wait as long as a person does not stop in the right place!. An hour or more of waiting and patience mixed with a little fantasy.

How I did it : first prize

Il gigante e la bambina

I saw the little girl who was with his father … and I thought, “well that if she were alone and on the left of St. Michael’s church….”. I have not had time to finish my thought that the baby begins to run, and so I did the photos instantly!

This picture won the italian contest “Quattro passi per Lucca” on October 2012 organized by  Www.Maxartis.it.