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Likeness,similarity & analogy

I like photographs where there are likeness, not only in a direct way but also in different conjugations. You know that I’m stingy with words…so a picture is worth a thousand words….so please see the following examples ūüôā¬† In this pictures the likeness & similarities are clear: I insert some highlights to indicate what captured my attention.

White stripes

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Analysis of a good street point of view

On monday morning ( during my usual Street-Photographic tour ) I found an interesting place: an underpass:



For me it was interesting because there were 2 reflection points and 2 prospetive lines:


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After technicality some pictures with X100T: Street Humour

My favourite kind of photography is “Street-Photography” and in this type we can find a great variety of photos: serious, documentary, humour,¬† architectural, portraits … in the streets we can find a Universe! I like¬†funny situations…so here you can find what I saw in the streets of my city: Lucca. I didn’t build ( create ) “fake” situations: in my snapshots there¬†are only real scenes. In a next post I’ll describe my Street-photo tecnique.

On sunday I meet with my friends, we chat and we take photos. Below you can see my friends in action! In a little space there are a lot of interesting things ūüôā


Who did say that men are not Saints?


I waited a lot of time in front of the fountain….until here comes a guy ( I pre-visualised this scene in my mind, so I decided to wait )


The translation of “Cicciotto”¬† is “Chubby man”¬† ( I have always a compact camera with me! I cannot lost a picture. ¬†)


Undecided girl: “All these toilets are the same..which toilet should I choose?” ( or all of them are occupied! )


Ehm…ehm… no comment! Three tipe of …


Father, mother and running childs.

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Double selfie


No matter what camera you use…

…to take a good picture: I took this picture with an Ipad…and (of course) I edited with Snapseed. My suggestion is to use sometime a very old camera ( or a simple one )¬†and try to concentate yourself only on the composition and not loose yourself into the technology of the camera.

When a camera is old?

I have an¬†Olympus OMD E-M5¬†(2012)…and the question is: is it an old digital camera? Some days ago I think so, but nevertheless I took it during a rainy day…and below you can find my answer.


Five ( 5! ) ¬†years¬†is a lot of time¬†for¬†a camera’s digital life…my camera can “live” for some time yet…I think that we cannot follow ¬†new cameras’ improvements. OK perhaps new cameras are better … but, before buying a new one,¬†take a good look¬†inside¬† your one.. and think before you¬†buy: “do I really need a new camera?” Sometimes an “old” camera can still take good pictures…and we can save money. The¬†worst comment¬†I ever heard:”Now finally I can take good pictures with my new and up-to-date camera¬†for which¬†I paid a lot of money”. Noooo!!!! You can take good pictures with a little disposable camera¬†too!

A good street-photographer?

A good street-photographer is able to hide himself in the shadows..like a panther that waits for a “victim” ūüôā

In my humble opinion this photographer has a big reflex with a big zoom: everybody can see¬†him from a long distance…to catch a good street-photo we need a little camera/lens, so that we cannot be notice or recognized as a photograph.