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Raindrops keep falling on my .. puddle!

After a rainy day I often take my camera and I take a walk on the streets/squares of my city: I like to take photos of reflections from puddles. To achieve a good result I use a wide angle lens and I put the camera at ground level ( better if the camera has a tilting display ) but it’s not enough! To obtain a different picture ( from other millions of the same type ) we need some fantasy : in my example a friend that helped me to have a drop in the puddle….



With a “little” detail


I think that the second one is better…do you agree?

Note: Amphitheater Square in the city of Lucca, Italy


Ancient roman aqueduct

Ancient roman aqueduct in the city of Lucca…and in a Polaroid style it seems very old 🙂 🙂

Ancient Roman aqueduct in the city of Lucca

Ancient Roman aqueduct in the city of Lucca

How I did it: imagine and pre-visualized.

I saw, at sunset, this closed beach house ( it’s winter ) … I imagined and I pre-visualized  a “final” photograph…that I realized using Lightroom. But It’s not important the toll ( i.e. Lightroom or Photoshop ), but the final result that you want to reach. Of course it’s important the beauty or the interest of the moment that you want to capture!

How I did it: only with my smartphone Galaxy S2

Do you think that for a “big” photo you need a “big” camera? No! You need “a” camera! Never mind if it’s a reflex, a compact or a smartphone… use it at your best 🙂

So I realized an exhibition and a book only with Galaxy S2 and Instagram..nothing else. No post-production or Photoshop. Above some photos from the book:


or as e-book:


How I did it: I asked :-)

Shadows in Via Elisa

As soon as I saw this beautiful sunset light I decided to photograph the colonnade. Then I thought that the shadow of a person would be good, but no one stopped there ( in front of a column) . So I decided to stop a boy and I asked him to help me to make the picture … and while I was shooting .. wham! the third shadow appared at the top 🙂 I think that the woman’s shadow balances very well the composition.

So: we must not be afraid to stop a person to help us to take a picture.