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Raindrops keep falling on my .. puddle!

After a rainy day I often take my camera and I take a walk on the streets/squares of my city: I like to take photos of reflections from puddles. To achieve a good result I use a wide angle lens and I put the camera at ground level ( better if the camera has a tilting display ) but it’s not enough! To obtain a different picture ( from other millions of the same type ) we need some fantasy : in my example a friend that helped me to have a drop in the puddle….



With a “little” detail


I think that the second one is better…do you agree?

Note: Amphitheater Square in the city of Lucca, Italy



Polaroid and Digital….or Digital and Polaroid?  The same image, but one is taken with a Polaroid 600, the other with a Galaxy S5 using the app Retrica with filter 680. There is a very big differences!! 🙂 🙂 Don’t you know? 🙂

p2 p1

This is the entrance of the Amphitheater square in the city of Lucca..a “vintage city” for a vintage photo 🙂

Question! Which is the best photo?? Do I need to ask? 🙂