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Geometry: simmetry

I was in the street (as usual!) when I saw an interesting scene…and it could be perfect for a simmetry composition. I had only to wait for the right moment. So I put my camera in front of my stomach ( to avoid that the two men saw me ) and I started to take photos.

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Graceful Girl

I have always my camera with me…so, when I saw this pretty girl, I asked her to pose for me. She was reading a book and I liked the light on her face ( the light was reflected by the white pages of the book ).

I hope to be in time to partecipate to the weekly photo challenge Graceful 🙂 🙂


After Lightroom my X100T camera settings (for street-photography)

Shooting Menu

Instant AF Setting -> AF-S : because AF-S it’s better than AF-C, and this is true for all the cameras.

AF Illuminator -> OFF : in Street-Photography it’s important to be invisible!

ISO Setting:  ISO it’s important like Aperture&Shutter. I use the camera in Program Mode and using the following ISO setting I’m sure to have a correct/good exposure every time (almost!), in any case it’s fast to change the exposure ( with the X100T).

  • Default Sensitivity -> 200
  • Max.Sensitivity -> 6400
  • Min. Shutter Speed -> 1/125

Image Quality -> Fine + RAW : I have a ready&usable JPEG (see below) and a RAW file for Lightroom or Photoshop.

Film Simulation -> Classic Chrome : I like this Chrome very,very much!!

Color -> +1 : I like satured colors but not too much, +1 it’s good.

Sharpness -> +1 : it’s better to have a good sharpness.

Photometry -> Multi ( Spot: if I have time to decide exposition. )


Sound Set-up: ( remember to be invisible…and silent! )

  • Operation Vol-> OFF
  • Shutter Volume -> Minimum

Color Space -> Adobe RGB


Filters or not Filters? That is the question

Filters or not Filters, that is the question:
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Aperture and Shutter Speed of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Filters against an Exposure Settings of troubles,
And by opposing end them: a risk to not take a photo…

Below a JPEG directly from my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera:


Below the same picture using Drama Filter directly from my Olympus OMD-EM5 camera:


One picture is not “better” than the other one It only dependes on what you want to achieve: an artistic picture? An easy “wow” 🙂 .. or .. a “normal” typical autumn day, a good colourful ( but standard ) image of your city? It’s up to you! Today there are Filters on all cameras…so why don’t use them?

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No Photoshop

Sometime I use an old camera: a Nikon FM3A ( analogic camera! display, remember? ) and with some fantasy I don’t need Photoshop to obtain a great effect: I used panning tecnique to take this shot. I developed by myself the film Ilford HP5 with the ID-11 (1-1).


©Raffaello Ferrari