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Geometric Street photography

Hello, yestarday I was looking at an historical palace because there was on its wall an intersting shadow, when I saw a girl that was walking along that wall…I noticed that there was an intersting geometric similitude between the street-lamp’s shadow and the girl’s trolley…so I started to take (a lot of ) photos. Please see here my little photographic story…and the final result.

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Rejected shots

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Final result

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Before and after the barber: choose the right moment

Some time ago I was in the city of Genova ( Italy ) for some street photos. During my walks I noticed a man near a poster at a bus stop:

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Snapseed settings for ready-to-use pictures

Try these settings for a first editing on Snapseed . Only few passages to have a better photo. These settings are a good start to continue with editing.

Filter -> Drama:

  • Filter Strength: +60
  • Saturation: +20

Tool -> Tune Image:

  • Contrast: +30
  • Saturation: +20
  • Ambiance: +20

Tool -> Detail:

  • Sharspening: +40


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Editing with Snapseed (Fujifilm X100T Picture)

I wanted to edit as soon as possible my picture, I was out of my house..but I have my Ipad. So I used Snapseed to edit my snapshot. I took this picture with my Fujifilm X100T.

This is the original picture:


First step Drama Filter:

  • Filter Strength to increase the dramatic effect: +50
  • Saturation to add vibrancy to the colors : +20.


Second step, Tune image:  

  • Contrast: to increase or decrease the overall contrast of the picture: +20
  • Highlights: to lighten only the highlights:  +30


On the  balcony there was to much light, so I used Brush to reduce the exposition: -0.3 (see the red highlight )


Then I increased the Sharpening : +36


And finally Rotate and Crop the picture


The result in only few editing steps:


Below and After. 

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No matter what camera you use…

…to take a good picture: I took this picture with an Ipad…and (of course) I edited with Snapseed. My suggestion is to use sometime a very old camera ( or a simple one ) and try to concentate yourself only on the composition and not loose yourself into the technology of the camera.

Before and after: editing with Snapseed

This is a little elaboration with the app Snapseed ( on Ipad Air 2 ). Snapseed is a very powerful toll to edit our pictures.

I took this picture during the Lucca Comics&Games this year. This is a steampunk couple and to understand better the final elaboration, please read here: Steampunk

Original shot: I used a Fujifilm X100T.


First step:Drama filter to increases the levels of sharpness, contrast and saturation of the image. In this case a +50 effect and you can see the difference on the face of the boy.


Second step: Vintage filter to create a muted and vintage look. Have you read the Steampunk definition? 🙂


Third step: Grunge filter  to have an old picture with a dirt effect caused by the time.


Last step: Details  to increase the sharpen of the image ( here only +30 ).


So is this a steampunk-like style? What do you think?