Small talk on photography

My personal view on photography: tips&tricks,thoughts, ideas, philosophy, answers and questions… and more: every photo has a story and I want to tell it.

About me

I approach photography in 1998, attending first-level courses and then “Educazione all’Immagine”, held in Lucca by Robert “Bob” Evangelisti.   Since then I have taken part in many group exhibitions. In 2000, I was one of the founders of “Photolife Lucca”  – Cultural circle of photography.
 Later in 2006, I took part in the workshops (“Reportage and Social landscape”) held by the photographer Ivo Saglietti  and I start  solo exhibitions in Lucca.  In 2007, the reportage “Young Fishermen” carried out  in Salina during a workshop of Ivo Saglietti is earmarked in the Lucca DigitalPhoto Contest and exhibited during the photographic exhibition.
From  2008 I have developed a passion for live role-playing games  and I followed for almost a year and a half the associations GrvItalia and Camarilla Italy. The role-playing photographs are published on websites, in the association guides and the magazines, “Vampires” and “Glamour”.
In February 2010 the photographs of the walls of Lucca are acquired  by the  photographic archivesof Lucca and become part of the city’s history. For my exhibition “Shadows and Presences  in Lucca” I obtain the patronage of the  City of Lucca.
In the summer of the 2010 I participate in the international photographic contest “The First Bends International Internet-based Photography Competition”, I don’t win, but one of my photos reenters in the first 500 (on over 32000 photos sent to the contest) and the photo is exposed in the contest’s exhibition in Changsha in China.

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