Some days ago I found a man that was cretating very big soap bubbles to enjoy children. It was very interesting so I started to take some pictures. The main problem was that there was a lot of confusion: with the children there were their parents and other people too! To obtain a good pictures I needed to avoid/hide the chaos: in the pictures I wanted only the “main protagonists”: the man of the bubbles / bubbles / children.

Situation in the square

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(a lot of confusion…)

First chosen photo: I noticed that on the background there were some shadows, so I decided to exposure for the lights ( i.e. the face of a boy ). In post production I exalted the shadows to have a very dark background and I cropped it at the botton:





Then I tried to focus on one subject: childs with parent ( I have a lot of choice! ), but always without the confusion of the street:


I forgot the creator of the bubbles! I needed it for my very little reportage. So to focus on the man I moved to a position that there were no people behind him: I took a lot of pictures, but I chosen only one:

Gallery of photos:

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My choice:


This was my final choice…do you agree?