A difficult choice?

Some time ago I was walking on the Walls of the city of Lucca and I saw a very interesting place. As you can see in the pictures below there are geometry and simmetry:

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So I decided to wait for a human presence: in the street-photography people are essential for a good picture. I took a lot of photos with my Fujifilm X100T before to find the “best one”.

One of the first photos, a the first sight, was good: one person on the centre and two on the side…but there is an intrusive person! Remember that these are not posed photos: I have to wait for the right “composition”.

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Here there are two subjects and the distance from them and the centre is (quite) equal, but I think that the dog is not clearly visible: it is too small.

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In the picture below there is a very interesting subject: a man in a red jacket, but he is not in the perfect centre of the picture and we can see the trash can.

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Again: an intersting cyclist that is not in the centre. OK: I don’t use burst shots.

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In the picture below there are two very interesting girls: both of them wear black clothes and they are in the angles of the descending street. But the girl on the right is walking towards the bottom of the street and the other girl is walking directly towards the left side.

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Finally the ‘perfect’ shot?No!The person is in the centre, but he is not clearly visible:

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I can continue with other similar shots ( I have been waiting there for 2 hours! ) but I’ll stop here with the final shot: a yellow running man ( he is very visible ) and I catch him in the centre of the picture:


I like this picture because there is a very visible subject in the centre, there is simmetry & geometry and it’s a “clear” photo. About geometry in a photo, Henry Cartier Bresson said: “The only joy in photography is geometry. All the rest is sentiment.”


7 thoughts on “A difficult choice?

  1. anyfidelity

    Raffaello, ciao. This appears to be another great post! I love the pictures and the HCB quote. But heads up: the slideshow parts (or photos between the first and last do not show up in the WP Reader, at least for me). Perhaps it needs a little tweaking? Keep up the great posts. All the best, Angel

    1. Raffaello Ferrari Post author

      Thank you for your comment! But can you see the post out of the reader? What do you mean by “teeaking”?

      1. anyfidelity

        Oh, my apologies. I meant “tweaking”. What I meaning is to do sometthing minor in order to fix the problem. But.. here is the funny thing: when I click to go directly to your blog I get an error page saying that “luccabook is no longer available”. That’s another little problem. Not sure why that is happening. I can only see you on the WP reader.

      2. Raffaello Ferrari Post author

        Ok, tomorrow I’ll check it. Luccabook is an old blog. Thanks for your notice 🙂

  2. Streets of Nuremberg

    Ciao Raffaello, another great post. And I even remember that exact wall with the trees in the background from one of my many visists to Lucca while I was living in Genova from 2001-2005. Nice memories 😀! Marcus

  3. Antony

    Fabulous vision to see this location. Imagine it after sunset with some light still in the sky, and the streetlights on. Great post, but I think for me I would have switched to burst mode!


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