Analysis of a good street point of view

On monday morning ( during my usual Street-Photographic tour ) I found an interesting place: an underpass:



For me it was interesting because there were 2 reflection points and 2 prospetive lines:


So the first kind of photos was to use the reflection of the puddle ( with the camera posed at the street level ), but I didn’t like it: there was to much distance between the subject and the reflection:



Perhaps a “little” crop could be useful to obtain a better picture:



The second option was to change the point of view with another subject:



But the subject was to big for the reflection: he didn’t completely fit in the any case I realized that I could use the reflection on the left ( here it’s highlighted ).



Before to work with the new reflection, I thought to take the exposure on the shadows ( a spot measure ) to obtain a “kind of ” tunnel of light:


and I waited for a human subject:


Here after some works on the lights and a little crop:



But I was not satisfied…so I started to work on the reflection of the panel. The first shot with 1 reflected subject…


…and the second one with 2 reflected subjects..and this is the final picture:


I took a lot of pictures…and I took me a couple of hours: patience is the real trick 🙂



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