Before and after the barber: choose the right moment

Some time ago I was in the city of Genova ( Italy ) for some street photos. During my walks I noticed a man near a poster at a bus stop:


I saw that the man looked like the man in the poster: they had white hair…but the real man was without the beard!:


So my first idea was: I have in front of me a man before and after the barber 🙂 and I started to take some photos…but I didn’t want that he could see I tried to take the photos from my belly 🙂

Aaaaarrrgggg!!!!! It seems an impossible mission! But the last picture gave me a click and click again…

I was not satisfied: I didn’t want the real man by profile, but with his face in front of meso I had to wait…and after some minutes two lucky shots:

Ok, now the last picture was really good..and I didn’t ask the man to pose for me! So after a little editing with Snapseed please see the final picture: “Before and after the barber”


I like the woman on the left too…do you agree??


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