Use wide-angle lens: like 28mm or 35mm: in order to get as much as possible in the frame ( and you’ll be more discrete and “hidden” )



Camera Settings: the camera must be ready in any moment to take a shot quickly

  • Set it to “Aperture Priority” or “Program” ( both in Automatic ISO )

Get close to your subject: so who sees the image feels as if he is a part of the scene: ( don’t fear to get close to people )



Always carry your camera with you ( in your hand! ): you cannot miss any moment!



Focus on details: try to simplify a photos and search for little particulars and peculiars

Legs of a woman

Move your feet: try to have more shots of the same scene and from differents point of view


Be patient! Sometime we have to wait for a long time to take a good photo ( for the photo below I waited for a lot of time until a person moved to the right place )



Sometime we can interact with our subjects ( don’t always take a photo from your belly. For the photo below I asked the girl to pose for me )



Try to see the word with the eyes of a child ( in the pictures below I saw an “octopus” with shoes in the first one and a Saint with his halo in the second one )

Are you always here? Take your camera and go!!