Film photography is coming back, it’s not dead. An increasing number of people are starting to shoot again with analogue machines. Maybe you can also have a little interest on it…so what’s the situation today about film-based cameras?

There is no problem at all to find used compact/telemeter/reflex on the  market. You can find everything ( I found a Nikon F5 in optimal conditions and at a very low price ). Of course I opened again my closets in search of my old cameras & films 🙂 I was ( photographically ) born during the “analogic age”…and I don’t like to sell my vintage objects, so I found them! A Canon AE1 and a Nikon F70: with new batteries they live again! Only batteries! In 20 years do you think that your actual digital camera will come to live again in a simple way? No! I think no! Probably you cannot read the memory cards…as today you cannod read a floppy disk with your PC: so you will not be able to use the camera ( even if you will power on it )….technology is running to fast…

Actual situation: Films / Slides

As I said no problem to find films ( black&white or color ). The issue is to find someone that can develop the black&white films ( my suggestion is to learn to do it by yourself. It’s funny and easy ). In Italy there are a lot of laboratory that can develop color films. I think that we can forget slides…sigh!! They were absolutely the best kind of film..but in Italy there are only 2 (2!) labs that are able to develop them…but the quality is bad.

Polaroid / Instant films

Two kind of cameras: The Impossible Project and Fujifilm Instax. The first one started by refurbishing original Polaroid cameras and by producing new instant films. The new black&white films (V2) can develop in the direct light in 3/4 minutes, while the color films need to be develop in the dark ( 30/40 minutes for the final image ). Today produces a new instant camera I-1 ( it uses the same films of the old Polaroid camera).

Polaroid Film

While the Fujifilm produces new cameras ( Instax and Instax wide; they differs in the dimensions of the film ) and the develop is very short ( 2/3 minutes ) in the direct light.

Instax Wide

So, considering the old compact/telemeter/reflex, today there also is  a great wide selections of cameras … which kind of analog camera/film will you choose?