My ‘photoblock’ notes

I admit: I cannot lost any pictures, I must capture every interesting scene that can happen in front of me…so, as many other photographers, I have always with me a little compact camera with a 1” sensor, my personal ‘photoblock’ notes. One of the winning picture of the last World Press Photo (2016) was taken with a little GoPro camera. So my little “note” can reach high levels! There are very short poems that are masterpiece, aren’t they? But to get the most from that camera I have to know its limits. Some days ago a find some differences between a semi-professional camera and my compact….the first one can give me an idea of what I can obtain with a different’ camera 🙂

img_4317 img_4315


2 thoughts on “My ‘photoblock’ notes

  1. Jimmy

    the first image looks far more nature and better.
    the second image is over saturated, the blue looks unnatural and the detail is lost in the grass.

    1. Raffaello Ferrari Post author

      Hello Jimmy, thanks for your comment 🙂 The second one is an analogic picture: Kodak Ektar 100 (I edited only a little the contrast and the levels). I like it because of the sun:in the first the sun is not defined.


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