Fujifilm X100T VS Sony Rx100M3 in Street Photography: which is the best?

I like very much the Street Photography and I have to choose between two cameras: X100T and Rx100M3…so…which is the best for this kind of photography?

In the following table my personal considerations:


First of all both of them were produced in 2014..so the technology is the same. I have a sufficient “budget” to buy the more expensive? (Ok…yes). The dimension is important because I need a camera that I can always carry with me…the X100T on this point is very good…while the RX100 for my is a little too small. The dimension of the sensor is very important: big sensor means better ISO. The tiltable screen is useful but not essential…like the image stabilization: if you have a lens with a high aperture you don’t need the stabilization. Wireless is very useful, but in any case you can by a wireless SD. I don’t consider the zoom because the best lens for street photography is 35 or 28.

A very difficult decision! So I bought the Fujifilm X100T as my first main camera..and the Rx100M3 as a second camera ( very small I can carry in my jacket or coat .. always..and I can use it as a photographic “block notes”).