Generally speaking Men ( i.e. “male photographers”  )  are spending a lot of time to measure “it”: ‘Mine is 12 inch in length’, ‘Mine is bigger than your’, ‘Mine is newer than your’ …while Women ( i.e. “female photographers” ) take “it” without many thoughts … look inside and …. take the picture of the day 🙂  What!? What have you understood? I’m no speaking about sex! The “it” for Men is a lens/camera 🙂 A lens is like a “penis”: men want to have the “best one” or the “latest camera” or the “longest lens” in order to take a good picture, while women are more “practical”: they take a whatsoever camera, look around and, I’m sure, take a very good photowhile men are loosing themself into the infinte functions of the camera I don’t want to say that men are “stupid”, but only that men look at technology more than women do ( in general ). Am I right? 🙂 🙂 🙂