Editing with Snapseed (Fujifilm X100T Picture)

I wanted to edit as soon as possible my picture, I was out of my house..but I have my Ipad. So I used Snapseed to edit my snapshot. I took this picture with my Fujifilm X100T.

This is the original picture:


First step Drama Filter:

  • Filter Strength to increase the dramatic effect: +50
  • Saturation to add vibrancy to the colors : +20.


Second step, Tune image:  

  • Contrast: to increase or decrease the overall contrast of the picture: +20
  • Highlights: to lighten only the highlights:  +30


On the  balcony there was to much light, so I used Brush to reduce the exposition: -0.3 (see the red highlight )


Then I increased the Sharpening : +36


And finally Rotate and Crop the picture


The result in only few editing steps:


Below and After. 

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