I took this photograph at the entrance to an exhibition. At the entrance I see the reflection of the girl on the glass, whose face stands out thanks to the light reflected from the book she is reading..so I throw myself on the ground and I shoot: I have always my camera with me! The girl was very pretty so I’ll explain the pictures that I did her .. and the next day I gave her a copy of the photo … ok, I admit it: I tried to hook up the girl, but without success 😦

But I had my little “success”: the photo participated in the international photographic contest “The First Bends International Internet-based Photography Competition”. I didn’t win, but the photo reentered in the first 500 (on over 32000 photos sent to the contest) and the photo was exposed in the contest’s exhibition in Changsha in China.

Always carry a camera with you..if it’s too big ( like a reflex ) then buy a compact.